Presents: Niteppl - “Cult”

These progressive house beats will make you want to dance! It sure is hard to refrain from partying while watching Niteppl’s performance of “Cult”, and well, looks like nobody at this session did… Presents: Bartel - “Clinic” (live at Photosynthesis 4.0)

Vancouver’s very own Bartel hit the stage at the recent Photosynthesis festival to lay down a classic performance of “Clinic,” one of the many ambient electro masterworks from their catalog. was there to catch the whole bass-shaking thing on camera. Presents: Joshua Cook & The Key of Now - “A Prayer for You”

Joshua Cook & The Key of Now put a modern twist on old-school rock and roll. The spaces woven into the pleading, manic “A Prayer for You” make the song. And you can’t doubt the whole thing’s a party when Josh blares, a guttural “eternity!” Hear more of Joshua Cook & The Key of Now at This video was shot at the O+ festival in San Francisco, CA. In short, O+ is a grassroots, band-aid solution to inaccessible health care for the creative community. For more info on this great cause and festivals, check out Presents: Tumbleweed Wanderers - “Bag of Bones”

This content is best experienced with any pair of headphones or any of the JAMBOX speakers with LiveAudio playback enabled. Rock bands who understand nuance can be very hard to find. Not so with the Tumbleweed Wanderers. The Oakland-based rockers slow things down with an intimate performance of their new track “Bag of Bones.” Full of subtle harmony, this song is a beauty. The guys have soul and it shows.