Presents: Wallpaper. - “#STUPiDFACEDD” (live at SXSW)

One of the best recent developments at SXSW is the variety of music. It’s no longer just a rock festival (thankfully). Wallpaper. tears it up on this energetic performance. Don’t let the antics fool you—Wallpaper. has some serious MC talent. Presents: Voxhaul Broadcast - “If I Run”

Sometimes the most basic rendition of a song can be the most moving. David Dennis of the former Voxhaul Broadcast just nailed this performance backstage at Slim’s (San Francisco). You can hear a little Bruce Springsteen, a la Ghost of Tom Joad, when Dennis is in the lower register. Presents: Koffie - “There’s A Catch”

Inspired by this frenetic Nigerian style of Afrobeat, Koffie mix endless beats with swoops of improvisation to make a scintillating whole. As you’ll no doubt grasp from the performance above, their live shows have the pumping dynamic of a house party (one at which the DJ has become all but obsolete). Presents: Geographer - “Original Sin” (live at The Independent)

Keyboards, synths, drums, electric cello and guitar combine to form a uniquely great sound that fluctuates between prescription pop music and slightly rougher indie rock. And this San Francisco band definitely rocks it live. Presents: Make Believe - “Home”

We’ve all felt that longing. It’s the pressing desire to be somewhere we’re not, to be with the people we’ve left behind at home. Homesickness is an emotional roller-coaster and Make Believe have taken it on with their single “Home.”