Presents: Astro - “Ciervos”

Chile has been delivering really interesting artist lately. With some 80’s influence and a dose psychedelics, Astro is climbing its way into the Indie Latin Alternative scene. Listen to this catchy chorus and hit those high notes with this performance direct from LAMC 2013, filmed exclusively from New York City. Presents: Who Cares - “Show Me Some Change”

Who Cares started in a bedroom, and is now in thousands of them. It’s the feeling of your first kiss, and the smell of your old records mixed in a tornado of colorful noise. Hip Hop based in Jazz, Electro, and Broken Beats. It’s a futuristic view of the past. Presents: Realboy - “1922”

San Fransisco electro wizards Realboy have a very simple mission statement - to make you dance - mixed with a very complex yet accessible sound. You can marvel at their multi-layered grooves and beats with this exclusive performance of ‘1922’. And if you want to dance, we’re not stopping you… Presents: Quinn Deveaux & The Blue Beat Review - “How Many Teardrops”

This content is best experienced with any pair of headphones or any of the JAMBOX speakers with LiveAudio playback enabled. Prepare to be transported by Quinn DeVeaux & The Blue Beat Review. Channeling the greats like Chuck Berry and Muddy Waters, Quinn’s vocals bend, simmer, and snake, weaving their way through the chunky jazz guitar and drop beats. This organic music will both ground you and inspire you in the same breath. Presents: Phil Lang - “Yosemite”

Lang sings “Now I know who I was, now I know who I’m not” in this country-tinged tune about being caught between two chapters of life. In other words, a song about coming to terms with getting older.